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Hi, I'm Jackie. Wellness is a wide-ranging, personal pursuit. Not very glamorous. Or very easy. (I know! Cue that down-sliding tuba sound from the “Price is Right.”) We all want a formula, don’t we? A “no-fail” diet and “transformational” workout should do the trick. Problem is, they don’t. Real fitness means finding a highly personalized path. It means nuancing food & exercise, paying attention to spirit & social connection, sneaking in lots of guilt-free rest, and trying out strategies. Most of all, a good plan fuels us to do the things we were put on this planet to do.


More About Jackie 

If we're getting formal, I'm Jacquelyn Quinn-Dickey. (See why I just go by Jackie?) I'm a writer and ACE-certified personal trainer & health coach who’s collaborated with more than 200 people over the past decade both one-on-one and by leading weight loss classes. I've always considered it a privilege to support and assist clients as they build their best health.


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