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More about SomeBODY Strong

This blog grows from my experience as a health coach and personal trainer: helping others to craft individualized plans for great quality of life. In more detail, this includes giving people facts (I love to study), fun workouts (I love to exercise), gentle food guidance (I love to eat), reminders to center the soul (I love restorative silence), and honesty about the hurly-burliness of my own journey (I’m in this, too). May this little blog serve as a place of connection, information, motivation, and real talk about what it means to be well.

The Scoop Continued


Caring for bodies that carry us every place we need to go


Nurturing the soul and honoring the unique path we're each called to follow


Eating well in ways that fuel us up but also bring joy


Relying on researched, straightforward info for guidance

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