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After more than a decade helping Y clients reach their health goals, I currently train privately, meeting and exercising with folks in person and virtually. Clients have been surprised by the fun, convenience & effectiveness of the digital option! Contact me for more details on how you & I might collaborate.

When public health conditions allow, I also meet in-person at clients' homes or at other sites in the western suburbs just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

Aside from this beloved work, my passions include a hubby of 29 years, our two 20-something "kids," working out (of course), penning the posts you find here (thus employing my BA in writing from Carnegie Mellon University), reading voraciously, cranking out cool knitted items, hiking, and journaling.


It's truly good, as a favorite adage says, to "be here now."

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Every Now & Zen

Take a moment to think of one thing you're thankful for.

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