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Who Will We Choose to Be?

Somehow we’ve suddenly found ourselves living life in the Era of COVID-19. Like me, do you feel like you just slipped into some strange parallel universe? All the characters are the same—but probably acting oddly, definitely more anxiously. (In the past month, has anyone else set their lifetime record for news articles read and consecutive meals cooked from scratch?) For a lot of us, the environment we probably love most— home—looks familiar but feels a little more like a holding pen than a haven. For others, those blessed essential employees who help to sustain lives, work life has skyrocketed into the realm of the manic, draining & truly nervewracking.

Times like this plunge us into reality checks. The questions that I regularly fire at my clients take on a magnified gravity and become my own way to stay moored. What matters most to you? Who would you like to be in six months or even a year? What will need to change to create the quality of life you seek? Think about that—This period will eventually pass, as all do. When we come out on the other side of this spooky tunnel, who will we be? That person is shaped by the individual choices we make today.

This week, what if we we simply ask that title question, Who will we choose to be? Maybe rest in the possibilities. Dream a little dream. Picture the peace, the joy, and the gratification that come from a balanced life. In this current string of long moments laced with stress and understandable worry, it’s a lot to ask of ourselves to sustain that kind of balance. Ah, but even today's smallest efforts can set tomorrow's stage.

For today, perhaps it’s enough to look forward with the hope of great health, renewed human connection, and precious peace of mind.

Be Well,


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