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25 Boredom Busters

Here in western PA, it's no longer winter, but it's not quite full-on spring yet either. This in-between season can brew some boredom. Anyone can fall prey. Personally, I've enjoyed a few workouts in balmy sunlight on the deck, but on most days I'm still basically banging out exercise in the windowless basement gym. It's also way too early to grow the annual batch of fresh herbs that freshens up family meals. And mornings still begin with lots of darkness and the related dose of grogginess. In general, I'm craving that switch to my spring & summer wellness routine! Are you feeling the same?

That shift will arrive pretty quickly, but in the meantime, perhaps for the next couple of weeks, we could use some boredom busters. Here are 25 ways to shake up your current habits & routines. May they carry you (and me) through this brief spell of the doldrums.

To mix up the exercise routine...

Find a buddy (even via FaceTime) to make workouts fly faster.

Take a group exercise class (or try a new one).

Investigate the plethora of workouts on the internet.

Try a new piece of cardio equipment at the gym or even at home. (Mini rebounders, cardio steps, hula hoops, and jump ropes all fall into the inexpensive category.)

Go for a weekly hike. Even if most days are chilly and/or wet, we usually have at least one beauty a week this time of year.

Switch modes. If you normally jog, then swim, or vice versa. If you've been on a dumbbell kick, then try resistance bands. You get the idea.

Try temporarily changing the time of day you exercise. This works especially well if you want to be outdoors and can make afternoons available.

Join a team or learn a sport. Required practices and teammates truly motivate.

Vary your intensity on different days of the week. (It's actually important NOT to reach maximum intensity every day of the week because our bodies need recovery, but doing so 1-3 times a week is a beneficial physical challenge.)

To simply start moving more frequently now that winter has passed...

Walk or ride a bike, when possible, rather than hopping into the car.

Park further from your destination than you normally would (yes, an oldie but a goodie).

Do an extra lap or two around the mall or grocery store when you shop.

Sweep or vacuum the floor more often.

Make extra trips up and down the stairs when cleaning.

Stand up and pace when you're on the phone or texting.

Take breaks from your desk to walk for five minutes.

Work in the yard, wash your own car, clean windows, etc.

To liven up food options...

Find new recipes—online (Pinterest is a gold mine), from friends & family, or in books you've stored away.

Research which fruits and veggies are currently in season and slip them into the week's meal plan.

Make a deal to swap lunch or dinner with a like-minded pal or take turns hosting a meal every week or month.

Try an ethnic twist. Instead of a ho-hum, salad, swap in a few ingredients to make it Asian or Mexican-inspired, for example.

Peruse menus online for healthy options and order in or head out.

Make some low cal snacks like frozen fruit pops or try a new non-caloric coffee or tea variety.

Jot down a massive list of all the healthy foods you love and return to ones you've forgotten you enjoyed so much.

Also create a list of treats you eat only sparingly and invent or research more healthy variations.


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