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Water, Water Everywhere — Drink Some!

10 Reasons To Fill Your Cup with H2O

It’s literally the most available beverage in our homes. Heck, we could open our mouths in the shower for a sip of water! (But also soap, so maybe not. Just making a point.) Why do we skip water so often?

I haven’t met a person, including myself, who doesn’t go through an estrangement with H2O at some point. Rekindling the relationship to this humble beverage is worth it. Here are 10 reasons why...

1. Water literally keeps our systems flowing. There’s a major reason why dehydration is life threatening. Every chemical process and interaction in our bodies relies on water as its medium. From transporting nutrients & oxygen to removing waste, water makes it happen.

2. Water can plump up skin. The body is about 60% water. Like any tissue in the body, skin needs water to function at its best —a nice side effect that can mean it looks healthier, too.

3. Water lubricates joints. Even bones contain up to 33% water! (USGS) And discs in the spine and connective tissue of other joints contain way more than that. Drinking water should be a basic practice for joint care, especially so if you’re managing arthritis. (Arthritis Foundation)

4. Water regulates body temperature. Our bodies constantly work to maintain homeostasis, or a relatively stable chemical state. They constantly respond to internal and external changes—like heat, cold, our exertion levels, digestive demands, etc—to keep body temperature within safe ranges. They need water to do so.

5. Water contains no caffeine. Unless you buy the caffeinated kind! (Yes, as we know, caffeine is everywhere these days.) According to the FDA, “More than 95 percent of all adults consume caffeine from foods and/or beverages.” The recommended limit is 400mg/day. Water will help ensure you stay well below that while still enjoying your java.

6. Water is filling but calorie-free. One tried-and-true weight maintenance tactic is to drink water. Obviously, this not only prevents excess calories from creeping into your diet but creates a sense of satiety, that full feeling which can help stave off munchies.

7. Water is essential to exercise performance. No athlete goes into competition—or even practice—without hydrating. You know that sluggish state when you’re jogging in the summer heat sans water bottle? It’s a very real detriment to exercise output, not to mention potentially very unsafe.

8. Water travels well. Carrying water around couldn’t be more convenient. Purchase one refillable bottle of decent quality, add cubes if you like your water frosty, go about your day. It also won’t spoil—though you might skip the bottle that’s been sitting in the hot car for days.

9. Water is cheap. Compare household food receipts & bottled water purchases with your monthly water bill, and this is a no-brainer. Of course, you want to be sure local authorities are keeping close tabs on water quality, and you may want to use a basic water filter to improve taste, but in general, tap water makes a great choice.

10. Water is extremely available. Back to paragraph one! Water, water everywhere. Time for a quick refill? Cheers!

Is drinking water a regular part of your day? Share your tips in the comments section.


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